Hydrotherapy with dogs

What is assisted hydrotherapy with dogs?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a therapeutic agent, is defined as the art and science of prevention and treatment of diseases an injuries by water.

In this concept we have added a new and motivational element, the dog. During this therapy, both, patient and animal, are the beneficiaries.


What are the benefits?

For the patient, first, the proper benefits of hydrotherapy and secondly, the animal-assisted therapy in a medium that creates a special climax of relax and improves the movements of the patients.

Serves for:
– Maintain or restore mobility.
– Improve proprioception, balance and coordination.
– Improve the mood of the patient because in the water you can do more exercises and more easily than solid ground.
– On the respiratory system, deep breaths are favored and worked respiratory muscles.

For the animals, swimming is one of the best sports to practice, because it will help to exercise the muscles and strengthen bones. It is demonstrated that in dogs, this type of exercise strengthens the
respiratory muscles, increases the potential of aerobic metabolism and improve coordination. It also helps and prevent elbow and hip dysplasia.


In addition, that aspects are really motivational for the patients, that think the therapy is for the dogs and not for them.

Miguel Martinez


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