Yes, They Can!

Yes, They Can!! In this beautiful project, two boys from Down Syndrome Association of Alicante learn how to train therapy dogs that later will be used for do animal assisted therapy with other colectives. terapia con perros y sindrome de downThey also learn everything about the world of training and dogs: agility, advanced training, dogs for films…

actividad animales y sindrome de downThe goal of this project is that they learn a different job that apassionate them and perform perfectly, and also helps to improve themselves.

If you can’t imagine that these guys can do so much, you have only to watch the short film they made as western, after a few workshops of expression and body language:

In this other video you can see the evoluntion they had during the project training dogs, and one therapy season they did in the Rare Diseases Foundation.


TAA Alicante


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